Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update on collections & disbursal of material

Funds Collection
We collected Rs 2,71,401 in addition to clothes and other material.
The collection details (amount and date) are given below:
In addition to the funds we managed to collect ~9 cartons of clothes and other material.

Utilisation of funds
  • Rs 1,69,815 (Rs 1,59,650 + Rs 10,165) was used for procuring material (warm clothes, mattresses, caps, thermos flasks etc.) for the 56 families from Leh (as per the local taste and sensibilities)
  • Rs 63,840 was used to procure 40 solar lanterns @ Rs. 1596 per piece. This was directly procured from the manufacturer in Haridwar (Andslite pvt ltd.) and transported to Leh (thereby saving us Rs 604 per piece (and Rs 24,000 overall) in case the same lantern had been procured from Leh). These Andslite lanterns have been successfully used by the locals in the past in the harsh winters of Ladakh
  • Rs 22,030 has been used to fund the education of 3 school children
  • Rs 8,511 given to Gyalson for his tireless work in coordinating the entire effort in Leh
  • Rs 7,021 incurred for hiring trucks (2 trips) and one taxi for distribution of material
  • Rs 184 deducted by SBI as outstation cheque processing charges
Disbursal of material
  • The first consignment of relief material was distributed by Gyalson over 5th & 6th (Diwali) Nov. This was distributed among 52 of the 56 families which had been identified earlier (4 families have since moved to a different village/place)
  • Solar lanterns distributed over 13th-14th Nov to those families among the 56 identified who’s homes had been damaged/ destroyed
  • A carton of color books, story books, crayons etc. had been donated by an ex-army personnel (Brigadier (retd.)) who currently resides in Delhi. This was distributed among the school children in Leh.
Receipts for expenses incurred and acknowledgement of material received by families
Detailed receipts can be accessed by clicking on the links below
Future course of action
Post photographs of the material collected & disbursal of material to identified families (will be done very shortly)

Note: Funds from this corpus have not been utilized for travel to Leh by any volunteer. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update on collections & identification of families needing assistance in Ladakh

Funds collection
We have managed to collect Rs 1.06 lakhs as on 10th September 2010 in addition to clothes and other material.

Identification of families needing assistance
Munish Duvedi, Raman Sehgal, Dinesh Singh and Jasmine Yu (from AID Gurgaon) travelled to Ladakh from 4th September to 9th September. They met with officials from the Leh administration to gauge the areas where we could make the maximum difference. Their observation was that although plenty of aid has reached Leh but limited amount has percolated down to villages surrounding Leh.

As was noted earlier, we have been coordinating with a few locals (Gyalson & Kingshok (from the NGO Pragya)) to identify families needing assistance (we are grateful to JP Gupta & Siddharth (of Himalaya Trekkers Yahoo Group) for putting us in touch with them). They have been working tirelessly by visiting the villages most affected by the floods. They have identified 56 families across 19 villages whose homes have been destroyed and are in need of assistance.

The volunteers traveled to some of these villages (Phyang, Tia, Nurla & Timesgam) and met with the families. The worst affected families have been the one’s whose homes were located close to the river bodies. They are now residing in tents or school buildings. Other families in these villages (whose home were slightly distant from these river bodies) have not been affected much.

We will now help these families directly using the funds which have been collected through this effort. Our endeavor always was to ensure that aid reaches the affected people directly rather than not being utilized 'effectively' through a big fund. This brings us a step closer to our goal.

The details of the families and the extent of damage suffered are given below:

List of Identified Families

Future course of action
• Decide on items to be included in a basic kit with which to help the families re-start their lives/ gear up for the winters
• Procure the items in the kits and make separate packets for each family
• Transport the material to Ladakh with the assistance of Indian Army
• Disburse the kits among the identified families
• Pass on the list of families who we have not been able to support to other NGOs operating in the region.
• Scout for other NGO’s who will adopt villages and rebuild homes for the families.

Extension of collection drive
We are extending the collection drive till 17th September. Please ensure that your contributions reach us by then.

Note: Funds from this corpus have not been utilized for travel to Leh by any volunteer.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ernst & Young joins hand with Sadbhavana

We are pleased to announce that Ernst & Young is extending its support for this cause. EYF (Ernst & Young Foundation) through its CSR initiative will be making a matching contribution to double the amount collected (from Ernst & Young employees).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ladakh.relief is now on Facebook

We are now on Facebook:

Please click on 'Like' to express support and stay connected.

Volunteers travelling to Ladakh

We are pleased to announce that AID (Association for India’s Development) Gurgaon is joining hands with us to lend a fillip to this effort. 

The following volunteers will be travelling to Ladakh on 2nd Sept (for one week) to identify families who need direct support & trust worthy channels working on the grassroot level for the disbursal of the material sent. The individuals are:

·         Munish Duvedi
·         Raman Sehgal
·         Dinesh Singh and
·         Jasmine Yu (US National)

We will be assisting them with local contacts who can take them around in Ladakh and transportation of their relief material to Leh.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Collection drive for Ladakh

This is a chance for all those who would like to help the affected people of Ladakh

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:

As we are aware, a catastrophe has befallen the wonderful people of this beautiful land.  It is time for all of us to pitch in and help these generous and kind souls who always welcomed us with open arms into their homeland.

To address concerns about the assistance safely reaching the affected people, we have decided to join hands and would be coordinating this particular relief effort.

[We are a group of like-minded individuals who have traveled to Ladakh on several occasions and would like to contribute to the welfare of this region]

At present, Mr Kingshok of NGO Pragya, and 3 other people working in Hindustan Times, Delhi/Pune would help us identify the families who need our help the most, and directly disburse the relief material. We shall also be co-ordinating with other NGOs which are working on the ground to maximise the benefits of our relief efforts.

Here is what YOU can do to help the people of Ladakh:

1. Make a cash donation to this account directly -
Savings A/c- 31347855533
SBI, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi
MICR code- 110002027
IFSC code - SBIN0000733

Sadbhavana NGO's registration number is S/51804.
Note: Please mention your name in the remarks section

or send a crossed Cheque/ DD drawn in favor of “Sadbhavana” to this address:
C/o Mrs. Mrinalini Singh
H/O 3242, D3 Vasant Kunj
New Delhi

Note: Foreign donations/ Remittances from outside India are not allowed due to regulatory hurdles

These donations are eligible for 50% exemption under section 80G. To obtain a receipt of the donation, please send an email to (Subject: Donations for Ladakh) with your full name, amount donated, date, bank used and home mailing address.

Please make your donations by 3rd September 2010.

This money would be used to buy the required relief material. It will be our endeavor to maintain records and provide details of the families supported by this effort. Regular updates about collection money and its disbursal would be posted on this blog.

2. Contribute any of the following items:

·  Clothes (only woolens, blankets, bed-sheets & towels)
·  Non-perishable food-items (such as wheat, rice, tea, biscuit packets, edible oil etc.) 
·  Household items (Plastic buckets, plastic jerry can's, washing powder, toothpaste & shampoo) and 
·  Cash/ Food coupons - Accor, Sodexo etc. (to be used to procure material)

You can send all the items to this address:
C/o Mrs. Mrinalini Singh
H/O 3242, D3 Vasant Kunj
New Delhi

In case you have collected a large number of items in a different city, please send an email to us - We will try our best to coordinate with you and get it transported here, though it may not be possible in all cases.

All the relief material (including new stuff procured) would be transported to Leh and surrounding areas like Shogi, Choglamsar etc. with the help of the Army. Our volunteers on the ground would disburse it directly to the affected.

3. Become a volunteer and work with affected people directly. Please get in touch with us.

4. Approach your friends/colleagues and help us gather more aid.

If you any questions/comments/suggestions, please get in touch with us at this email address - Or feel free to call  - Rohit Bansal, 098911 64949.

Lets try and make a small difference to the lives of the affected people.

Rohit Bansal