Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update on collections & disbursal of material

Funds Collection
We collected Rs 2,71,401 in addition to clothes and other material.
The collection details (amount and date) are given below:
In addition to the funds we managed to collect ~9 cartons of clothes and other material.

Utilisation of funds
  • Rs 1,69,815 (Rs 1,59,650 + Rs 10,165) was used for procuring material (warm clothes, mattresses, caps, thermos flasks etc.) for the 56 families from Leh (as per the local taste and sensibilities)
  • Rs 63,840 was used to procure 40 solar lanterns @ Rs. 1596 per piece. This was directly procured from the manufacturer in Haridwar (Andslite pvt ltd.) and transported to Leh (thereby saving us Rs 604 per piece (and Rs 24,000 overall) in case the same lantern had been procured from Leh). These Andslite lanterns have been successfully used by the locals in the past in the harsh winters of Ladakh
  • Rs 22,030 has been used to fund the education of 3 school children
  • Rs 8,511 given to Gyalson for his tireless work in coordinating the entire effort in Leh
  • Rs 7,021 incurred for hiring trucks (2 trips) and one taxi for distribution of material
  • Rs 184 deducted by SBI as outstation cheque processing charges
Disbursal of material
  • The first consignment of relief material was distributed by Gyalson over 5th & 6th (Diwali) Nov. This was distributed among 52 of the 56 families which had been identified earlier (4 families have since moved to a different village/place)
  • Solar lanterns distributed over 13th-14th Nov to those families among the 56 identified who’s homes had been damaged/ destroyed
  • A carton of color books, story books, crayons etc. had been donated by an ex-army personnel (Brigadier (retd.)) who currently resides in Delhi. This was distributed among the school children in Leh.
Receipts for expenses incurred and acknowledgement of material received by families
Detailed receipts can be accessed by clicking on the links below
Future course of action
Post photographs of the material collected & disbursal of material to identified families (will be done very shortly)

Note: Funds from this corpus have not been utilized for travel to Leh by any volunteer.